Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hey all; freelancer Cole Williams here. This will be my second time to cover the Lone Star International Film Festival, and I'm really excited to do so. Last year I got to see a lot of movies and short films I normally would never see, either because of my taste or a film's availability. Among my favorites from last were a documentary about the disappearance and murder of atheist activist Madelyn Murray O'hair and my first Bollywood film, the enthralling "Paint It Yellow".

This year I'm probably most looking forward to anime "Vexville" and Swedish vampire/coming of age story "Let the Right One In", which I've been hearing nothing but great things about since it premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival, and the plot of "Sunshine Cleaning" sounds right up my alley, dark humor wise. I'm also looking forward to the shorts packages, a bevy of surprises for me last year, especially "Stars and Suns", "Sebastian's Voodoo" and "Glory At Sea".

One movie I really wish was playing is "The Good the Bad the Weird", a Korean semi-remake of Spaghetti Western classic "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly", which I also heard about from the Toronoto Film Festival, and am dying to see after rewatching the exciting trailer several times. But aside from that, I'm betting I'll be surprised and entertained again this year by what looks like an interesting slate of films from around the world.

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Flicker said...

I hear their will be a lot of great Russian films, too. Plus I look forward to all the great Weekly parties again. Thanks for helping to bring (and keep) this event in Fort Worth!